Range Rover HSE vs. Range Rover Evoque

One of our most common questions we get asked is what is the difference between the Ranger Rover HSE and Range Rover Evoque models? Well, weโ€™re here to answer your most common questions and put your mind at ease. Both Range Rover models are amazing and will not disappoint you or your little ones. Right now these have been one of our hottest models and top sellers.



Letโ€™s start with the easiest one. What are the differences? Well, for one the Range Rover HSE is a 2-seater and measures 58in x 37in x 27in. This gives room for your little one to grow into the ride-on or have them share with their sibling, friend or family member.

The Range Rover Evoque is smaller in comparison as it is a 1-seater and measures 42.5in x 26in x 20.5in.

Lastly, would be window look. The Range Rover HSE has windows giving that high look; whereas the Range Rover Evoque has no windows giving the open window appearance.

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Both models are incredible and have pretty much equal features. Neither will disappoint you or your little ones. They both come with the featured 2.4GHz parent remote that allows you not only to control the carโ€™s speed or direction but allows you to use the emergency brake feature to keep your little from going where they shouldnโ€™t be. Also, of course is the option for them to drive on their own using the steering wheel, foot pedal and shifter.ย 

Both of these come with USB Stick ready feature, AUX, SD card slot allowing you to play your own music. They also come with pre-loaded music for your little one to enjoy.


ย Both models have a beautiful sleek and sporty body giving it that realistic look. They have working LED lights, opening doors, EVA Rubber tires, leather seats, turn key to start and light up display. Of course we cannot forget the horn giving it that special realistic touch. ย The EVA Rubber tires are great for allowing better traction and grip.

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Of course the top priority for our customers both big and small is safety. Both the Range Rover HSE and Range Rover Evoque are equipped with seat belt that is adjustable, slow progressive start to ensure they are not jolted forward or backward and again emergency brake on the parent remote and EVA Rubber Tires.

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So, as you can see neither model will steer you in the wrong direction. Both will give you lots of fun playtime and build many memories. Only key difference is size. They made sure no matter the size of the car the size of fun will not change. Check out our shop and see what we have in store and the different selection of colours we have to offer.