The DO'S and DONT'S of owning A Battery Powered Ride On Car

You finally did it!! You got the car of your dreams..ok maybe it's miniature and more for your little ones than you but a cars a car right! 

You spent all this time searching, saving and assembling. 
But one big thing is customers don't remember that at the end of the days yes as realistic as they look they are still toys. This is no ordinary toy, it still needs TLC! 

Following these steps will help ensure your little ones can enjoy their ride on for a while and get the most of the play time and be sure to get your neighbours heads turning!! 

Lets start with the DO'S:

  • One of the biggest things is charging the battery before first use. Charge the battery for 12 consecutive hours before the first use to bring the battery back to life. This will restore its juices to provide longevity. Failure to do so will cause damage to the battery and will not provide long life.
  • Assembly is a HUGE one. The biggest issue is the tires! Failure to use the washers and on BOTH sides of the tire will cause tire damage which in turn will cost you more money as you will need to purchase new ones. Put on the supplied washers during assembly. You need to put them on BOTH the inside and outside of the wheels for the front tires, and only on the outside for the rear tires.
  • SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!!! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ensure the provided seatbelt is worn during riding. There are NO exceptions when it comes to safety.
  • I know we're all excited to hit the road but just like when driving a real car you need to check the environment before indoor or outdoor play to make sure there are no danger zones (i.e. stairs) or dangerous objects. The best areas to ride are open, with a flat surface, and no sharp corners or edges.
  • We all love the thrill of the speed, but we have to remember these are new drivers for the most part! Even if they are not new the one they will drive will be. Speeds, steering, height and more are factors. So we recommend to always start with the car in the lowest speed for the first few drives. We suggest to increase the speed only after they get the hang of it.
  • Use the parent remote control to operate the vehicle (by an adult). This not only gives you full access to driving, but also enables 1 extra speed compared to switching directly on the dashboard on most models (3 vs. 2 speeds). The remote not only controls speed, but most importantly the safety of your little ones. There is the Emergency Stop feature that will allow you to force stop the car should your little ones steer off or anything.
  • Want to hear some of your favourite hits? Insert a USB memory stick to play music from the AUX port.
  • Here is another BIG ONE!!! Disconnect the battery cables if the ride on will not be in use for one month or longer in order to avoid drain and degradation. Just like a real car you should not leave it sitting there. 


Now the DON'TS:

  • Forget to connect the battery under the seat during assembly (there will be two sets of cables, one set is usually already connected out of the factory, so you just need to connect the second set). If you do not connect the battery IT WILL NOT TURN ON. Also, most times there may be a clear/white plastic piece on the non connected terminal. This protects the terminal during transport. You must remove that piece in order to properly connect the battery. 
  • Leave the charger plugged in when turning on (it will NOT start!). This is a BIG ONE!
  • We know we can be tired and not realize and grab where it's convenient. So DON'T Lift the car by the steering wheel, as it likely will crack. Instead, lift from under the front or rear bumper for an easier transport. 
  • We all know you want to have fun but remember these are toys! This is one of our most common and frequent questions. Can it drive in water, rain snow and so on. So NO. DO NOT Ride the vehicle over deep pools of water, such as large puddles, snow, slush or in the rain. It will damage the wiring, motors and computer. 
  • Leaving your little one unattended when playing. Adult supervision is always required.
  • Let a youngster control the car remotely unless they’re experienced and under adult supervision. This is not a remote control car. These are larger.
  • Play in crowded outdoor areas or streets where cars are present. Again, these are large and fast. There needs to be room, to turn, stop and of course you need proper vision. Please drive where there is no obstruction of view.