Tips on how to care for your child’s ride-on car.

Picking out your little ones ride-on car takes a lot of time and research. More than one would think. We look for many things and take many things into consideration. We compare different models, features, brands and more. After you’ve made your decision the kids ride them and enjoy them as they should, but at times the ride-on cars can be forgotten or neglected. We focus on the happiness and forget the after-care part.

The ride-on cars these days are a lot more high tech than they used to be. There are a lot more electrical and computer components. Just like a real car they get a lot of use, and so they must be maintained to last as long as possible in the best possible condition. So. we decided to provide you with some CARE TIPS to ensure a long life of your ride on car!



One of the most important components that is highly forgotten about and neglected is the battery. Once you have your ride-on and all assembled, the battery must be connected to the terminal. Please ensure you have done so. Once all completed your ride-on needs to be fully charged with the charger included with your electric ride on car. To ensure the best quality and life of your battery the ride-on MUST be charged prior to first use. This will bring the life and juice back to the battery. There are chargers that have a led light that will indicate when the battery charge is finished. A full charge of 10-12 hours is recommended.

It usually is ones instinct to want to start the car while it is charging to check and ensure it works, but come find that it does not start. This is when we get calls, emails, messages, etc. stating the car is defective and does not work. This is not the case at all. The reason why it does not start is for security against possible shunts or discharges that could occur while the car is connected to the electric supply. This safety system is activated as soon as we introduce the plug of the charger to the car, even if the charger is not plugged to the power.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the battery should not be allowed to discharge completely as it can be damaged. You always want to ensure there is battery life. Especially a constant drain is vey damaging.

Which not bring us to another very important matter. Storage. Sometimes there are seasons when the car is not used for different reasons, such as no space as well. In this situation we highly recommend to either remove the battery from the car and stored in a clean and safe place. If you do not want to do that option then you can still leave the battery in the ride on just disconnect the wire from the battery that you originally connected. This is will help preserve it. Just because you remove it or unplug it does not mean we just forget it! The battery should be charged every month for 8-10 hours while it is not in use to keep it in an optimal state.

Ensure you store the charger in a safe place to avoid dropping it on the floor or from getting damaged.


To prevent the electronic components from getting dusty and damaged, it is important to store your ride on car in a closed place and cover it with a tarp. This will help keep the dust and such from damaging the computer and motors.

One essential factor is that the electrical terminals are checked every month and kept clean. This can be done with a slightly damp cloth. This will help keep things clean and ensuring a smooth ride when next used. This is very important for those who drive on a lot of dirt roads, dirt paths and such.

Of course, the exterior you want to keep looking sharp. You can achieve this by using a dust free and scratch free dust cloth.