Top Kids Cars to cruise the streets of Canada with

Some of the top provinces that love cruising the streets with our ride ons are: Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta to name a few...

It's no secret that Canada has beautiful and incomparable cities and natural spaces with beautiful history. Beautiful land, beautiful hills, mountains and lakes.

Canada is not the warmest country in the world. We can't wait to go for a walk in the streets, and if it's accompanied by our children, it's even more fun!

And let us tell you something, this spring/summer they won't want anything else but a kids car. They are trendy, fast and upgraded and rightly so: they are super fun but also safe! What is great about kids ride on cars these days: the luxury that many include remote parental control so you can be part of the game too.

We are going to show you 3 of our top kids cars to cruise the streets, parks and nature with.

1. 2024 Clash 4x4 UTV Dune Buggy 24V


This ride on is 1 of our top sellers and for good reason!! This gives the off-road look and feel. This model not only fits more than 1 child, BUT an adult as well. You can cruise around with your little one!! With this children's car you can cruise the city or nature for hours thanks to its powerful 24V motor and its power wheels.

If you love power..we got it. We have 2 models one with an MP4 screen or without. The SX1928 has leather seats, EVA Rubber tires, parent remote, lights and MORE!!! 

Don't miss out!!! 


2. UTV XMX 613

Not everyone is lives in the city or loves the city! One of the great things about Canada is the different forms of nature and environments! It's incredibly beautiful the world we live in!!! This is why when we think about what we wish to carry we think hard..we take into consideration all factors. Our next top seller of kids cars is dedicated to the more adventurous ones who love cars but also discovering and exploring in nature. Perfect for virtually any terrain: sand, grass, road, and even your own backyard... this kids car can handle it all! Perfect for the best adventures on these power wheels and a powerful 24V motor.

Its design makes it unmistakable: it is bold and strong. Made with high quality materials and upgrades!!! You'll be able to explore your favoruite places for years to come with this 4x4 Off Road kids car!


3. 24V Range Rover HSE

We all desire and dream of luxury and fast cars!! Not everyone is also fancy! Some people just want simple but modern!! That's no problem, we have the kids car for them and you! We present The Range Rover! One of our top sellers!! A way to get luxury and brand name without burning a hole in your pocket! This beauty has everything: elegance, class, the iconic silhouette that we have come to know and love!  Our 24V Range Rover HSE comes with: 2 seats, built in windows, leather seats, EVA Rubber Tires, parent remote and more! The perfect car for cruising! 

There is so much more to discover! All you have to do us visit our website and discover what we have to offer!

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