Large Tray of Oysters Rice Pearls | Pre Order

Large Tray of Oysters Rice Pearls | Pre Order

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Buy 5 Get 1 Free

6 Akoya Oysters with A Rice Shaped Cultured Pearl

  • Oyster openings will be filmed on TikTok. Please do check our Facebook and Instagram for our line up for the day to know when your order will be opened. 
  • Your tray can be sent to your home for you to open (Canada Only). Just select open at home option. Otherwise we will open it for you
  • Great for caged pieces and some lockets
  • Grade 4A Pearls
  • These are oval in shape, not round, and will not be set in jewelry. 

The oysters to reveal your pearls will be opened on a TikTok video.Check our Facebook and Instagram page daily to see when your reveal will be! These will be will be opened on a TikTok and Instagram (if possible) video. We will try to post on Facebook as well. If you would like you can open these at home (Canada Only). If so, please select at home option or they will be done by us. Please be sure to leave your Social Media name so we can tag you in your opening. 

*Size and colour will vary*