Mom Charm Bomb | Pre Order

Mom Charm Bomb | Pre Order

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Super fun bomb filled with Mom themed charms, dangles, and plates!

These can be put these in your keychains and lockets! For additional fun, the bomb also contains gems! WOW!!


  • 1X fizzer bomb
  • 5-7 surprise charms
  • 2 surprise gems
  • 1 drip clip

*Please note we do not know what items are within the fizzer bomb. Each are a surprise. Check our Facebook and Instagram page daily to see when your reveal will be! These will be will be opened on a TikTok and Instagram and/or Facebook (if possible) video. If you would like you can fizz these at home. Please select "AT HOME" in the drop down section or they will be done by us. Please be sure to leave your Social Media name so we can tag you in your opening. 

NOTE these are NOT bath bombs. Do NOT fizz in the bath tub while bathing.